About Me

Hi, I’m Samantha.


I am Juliela Samantha Ysabel Magno, the sour mango. Pun intended. I’m not a bitter person! Haha. I call myself as such because the word “sour”, makes me think of the color green (my favorite color).

It actually started with my ate, Juno Magno who likes mangoes since we were young, that in one time, mistakenly pronounced our last name as “Mango” during a recitation in elementary. Thus, the joke stuck until today and we called ourselves The Mango Sisters.


Who Am I?

I love the arts, dancing, music and coffee.

I grew up in Marikina, Metro Manila. I am currently and remotely studying Communication Arts in a university in Quezon City. By remotely, I mean that my University allows me to study online, anytime. To which, the  main reason I have time to do all sorts of stuff, go travel, or stay at home.

Why The Blog?

I'm the kind of person who is not good with (speaking) words. Only to those close to me would understand. Besides dancing, I realised that writing is another way to  how I can express myself. And finally, with this blog I'd be able to share the things I love,  and even my opinions.

And I would love to share my adventures with you.